When You Mix Cinnamon With Salt - Part Two
When You Mix Cinnamon With Salt - Part Two gay love story stories

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I decided to continue this fanfiction trek.

When You Mix Cinnamon With Salt - Part Two

Will Solace was deeply concerned for his friend. Nico was rather frail and incredibly pale. He didn't seem to eat much, or to sleep much, or to go outside much. He seemed almost... dead.

When Will saw him on the floor of his room reading in the dark, he couldn't help but be concerned. Nico hadn't been sleeping.

(Will did not find this out in a creepy way, he merely noticed that Nico was insanely tired and asked about it.) Nico hadn't been eating. Nico hadn't been outside.

He seemed to enjoy staying in his cabin with all the curtains closed, reading a book or listening to depressing music.

So, when Will found Nico sitting on the floor of the Hades cabin, reading in the dark, he couldn't help but feel concerned. Nico was... adorable.

Most of the camp wouldn't agree with Will, however. (A/N The fangirls would.) He couldn't help but smile when he thought of Nico. Nico's aura of doom didn't seem to bother Will.

"You have to eat more," Will chided as he checked Nico's vitals. Nico rolled his eyes, but he knew he would listen to Will in some vague way.

He might eat four times a week instead of three.

"I'm fine. See?" Nico claimed as he attempted to rise to his feet. When he did he felt a little dizzy and didn't fight Will when he pushed him down on the cot.

"Not so fast. You gave me three days." Will reminded Nico. Nico only scoffed.

"More like you gave yourself three days," Nico mumbled. Will let out a quiet laugh.

"You're right, I did. But, it was necessary." Will smiled. Nico couldn't help but feel the corners of his lips turn up slightly.

"We need you!" A brown-haired girl with blue eyes said, running towards us. She looked to be around twelve.

"Okay Julia," Will replied to her before turning his attention back to Nico. "I have to go, I'll check on you in a little bit. Get some sleep."

"I'm not tired!" Nico called after Will as he walked away. He totally wasn't tired. Nope, not even a little bit. Uh-uh. He lied down on the cot and glared in Will's direction.

Only to fall asleep five minutes later.

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