When You Mix Cinnamon With Salt - Part One
When You Mix Cinnamon With Salt - Part One gay love story stories

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This is a Percry Jackson fanfiction. Solangelo

When You Mix Cinnamon With Salt - Part One

The morning shone on yet another beautiful morning at Camp Half-Blood. Well, some people believe so more than others.

Will Solace practically glowed at the hour of six a.m. as he rushed off to the infirmary to check on overnight patients. He hummed an unrecognizable tune that he probably made up.

Now, before you think Will is a perfect ball of sunshine all of the darn time, you must understand that you'd be exactly right.

Because, well, he never seems to stop smiling, unless it concerns health. Especially a certain someone's health. Speaking of a certain someone....

Nico Di Angelo let out an aura of pain, doom, and misery. He stayed in bed with his eyes shut tight. He did not wish to wake at this early hour of the morning.

Will said that he needed more sleep anyway. Might as well get it now, right? He never acted as if he wanted friends. He acted as if demigods were the worst.

Well, he didn't just act about that one. Demigods weren't trustworthy. Well, that's what Nico thought. He never trusted them himself. Well, he used to. Demigods quickly betrayed his trust.

(A/N See The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan.) Nico was an odd kid. He still was considered abnormal by most of his peers. He thought everyone considered him filth.

He did not wish to socialize with such. He thought that he would never be accepted by anyone.

These two seemingly have nothing in common. They actually have a lot in common. But, the first thing that shall be mentioned about what they have in common: They're both gay.

This may seem big. "Omg! Gay + gay = happy!!! That's all a perfectly healthy relationship needs! They only need the same sexuality!!" You might be thinking. And, no.

They may end up together, but it would not because they're both gay. It would be because of something else.

Because that's like saying: "Omg!!! This girl and this guy are both straight!!!

Even if we don't see any good reason why they should be together, they should be because straight + straight = happy!!!

" If you are thinking both of these things on a regular basis, you are probably a teenage girl.

Now, back to the story.

"I hate sunshine." Nico groaned when he finally awoke at 8:35. He looked around the weirdly lighted space that was the Hades Cabin and got up to close all the curtains.

When he finished he nodded at his freshly finished work. He was no longer blinded. He put on fresh clothes. He then took out a book, sat on the floor, and began to read.

He probably had been reading for around an hour when there was a knock on his door. Nico didn't reply and kept reading his book. If they thought that he wasn't here, maybe they would leave.

"Nico?" A familiar voice asked. Nico's ears perked at the sound of Will Solace's voice. He kept reading his book, he wasn't ready to socialize.

He also was too cool to jump to the door at the sound of an attractive guy's voice. Then he heard the doorknob turn and gulped. He hadn't prepared for social interaction.

"Nico!" Will scolded as he found Nico on the floor of the cabin. "You need at least ten minutes of sunlight a day and by the looks of you, you haven't gotten any! Did you sleep?!"

"Yes, I slept," Nico replied. He tried to sound like he didn't like having Will in his cabin. Will had left the infirmary to check on Nico about ten minutes ago.

It had been an eventful morning. Thankfully, no death occurred.

"And all the curtains are closed! I can barely see!" Will didn't seem to hear Nico.

"Did you even eat breakfast?! You need to eat three well-rounded meals a day, Nico!" Nico kept reading his book and nodding occasionally.

"Are you reading in the dark?!" Will asked loudly. Nico nodded and slowly closed his book. "That's incredibly bad for your eyesight! Nico Di Angelo, I swear! How are you alive?!"

"I haven't stopped breathing oxygen," Nico replied monotone. Will smiled slightly as he walked over to Nico and helped him off the floor.

"Three days," Will said. Nico gave him a puzzled look. "You have to stay at the infirmary for three days."

"Three days?!" Nico asked, stunned. "I don't even want to go for five minutes!"

"You can leave after three. You look sick, Nico." Will said. Nico glared at the ceiling. He did not want to go to the infirmary. It was full of... people. And of death.

Nico might be the son of Hades, but he hated death.

"Fine," Nico said begrudgingly. He didn't want to, but at the same time, Will would be there. But, he was just Will's patient. That's how Nico thought of it.

Will only cared so much because Nico was a patient. He noticed a small smile on Will's lips, but he didn't think much of it. He never thought much of things.

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