My Garden of Darkness
My Garden of Darkness poetry stories

illuminatedone Freelance Writer
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The feeling of loss after a loved one. How will I be able to move on?

My Garden of Darkness

Walking through the garden of darkness, looking at the coldness envelop me like a cocoon. I struggle to walk past my grief and pain.

It feels like a heavy old rusty anchor pulling me down into the nothingness. I pry myself out of my sadness and pain, desperately trying to reach for the light. But death is near.

No one escapes death, he waits for us all. He waits in the shadows, in the dark corners of our life. Waiting, stalking his prey like an owl hunts for his meal.

Death knows just when to strike. But I still struggle to come out of the darkness and into the light. The darkness is my friend. The friend I know. A friend that tells me it is normal.

But is the darkness normal? Normal is comforting to my empty soul. A soul that became empty when you left me. With no answers, only questions remain.

You left me alone, in the darkness, reaching for the light. I would have followed you in darkness, together you and I. We would have walked the same path.

Together in darkness, alone, feeling empty. But now I walk alone in my garden of darkness. Which makes me feel comfortable, here alone in the darkness.

My soul yearns for the light, but the darkness is relentless and will not let go.

How does one feel the light again? Will I ever be able to feel the light on my soul? Will my garden see the lighted path?

Only time will tell as I walk through the garden in the darkness, alone without you.

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