Trigger warnings for Petra
Trigger warnings for Petra triggers stories

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Triggers for Petra.

Trigger warnings for Petra

I've completed the first draft of Petra, and there are a couple more changes needing to be made. So over the course of today and tomorrow, I'll be posting my last story on here for a while.

Petra will be released in 3 parts, perhaps with an additional fourth part. Each part would have 3000 to 6000 words, which is less than some of my other works.

Possible triggers:


Death of a queer character

(not a major spoiler, but I'll be carrying out a long drawn wishful thought by.. Giving them a happy ending. Not by death, but with life. Read the story to understand what I mean.)


Yeah, that's probably it. Nothing NSFW other than these. I hope.

So I came across many posts on self harm here, and they triggered within me memories of friends who may or may not be alive. I never knew them. But it sometimes tugs at my mind, the questions.

Are they alive or not?

Would I ever meet them?

Where are they?

If any of you who read the story feel that justice wasn't done for any of the characters/situations, do write a detailed, polite response in the comments.

I want to improve, and these are sensitive topics that I haven't necessarily dealt with, and I'm an outsider. I do not want any part of the story to come off as mere shock value or mockery.

Thank you for all your support. 🙂

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