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A VERY dark and depressing story. Proceed with caution. Please don't call me any names such as animal-hater or something, idk, I really love animals so please don't take this the wrong way!

By: Cylito

Town of Never Side

by Cylito (me)

There once was a town called Never Side,

That seemed to have quite many rules,

By the rules if you didn't abide,

They'd hang you or drown you in a pool.

In this town of preposterous,

There was this quite lovely rat.

Yet this rat was unconscious.

Because the terrible people had hit him with a bat.

The people had placed him in a carrier

A legitly put him on trial

They placed him in a seat, surrounded by barrier

They told him to speak or walk down the aisle

The rat could not speak

And they laughed and called him names

They told him he was weak

And announced they set him on flames

The time came for the rat to perish

A celebration the townspeople shared

The townspeople thought they cherish

When the rat was no longer there

Yet when they did

All they felt was gloom

At night it was mid

And they were suddenly scared of the moon

They did regret

For setting rules you must abide

Sadness they met

In the Town of Never Side

Note: Uh, sorry for the disappointing story of the rat! I really am no animal hater, please do not take this the wrong way.

It was not really about the rat dying, it was about the Town of Never Side and their mistakes.

Please do not take this the wrong way! I hope you understand what I mean! And sorry for the horrible poem, I tried my best. TuT -Cylito

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