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ii_eleven_ii 18; girl with her own stars and stories.
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It is our little eternity that kept me alive.

[Short story]


© 2019 by ELEVEN ( ii_eleven_ii )

All these nights, my hope kept me awake. Slowing reaching my ears and whispering to me to wait.

And like an idiot I did. I did wait. Staring at the dark night skies, I re-winded our memories of the bay.

"Wasn't that the first time we faced?"

It was winsome and pleasant. Not only the weather but also your sight in front of my eyes. Was it my fault that you captivated my heart and mind?

Slowly our story began and more deeply I fell in love with you.

It was the most beautiful thing to imagine. The thought of you and me being together at some corner of this universe.

And I started to believe in 'our little eternity' every time I saw our wedding pictures and every time you softly grabbed my face in between your palms and kissed me like there's no future.

But who knew that it wasn't going to be true.

I cried for days when I didn't see you next to me when I woke up or caught you while stealing my favorite cookies from the shelf.

The pain was unbearable and too much for my own heart to take.

But I didn't do anything wrong because I remembered your words which you said to me someday.

"If a day comes when I don't return, then don't cry over my pictures or hug my clothes. Move on, and just remember that I'll be always by your side in every dimension of our little eternity."

So here I am, standing by your stone with flowers in my hand and tears in my eyes. You were the only one who lives in my heart and the only one I want to live with again.

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