I am alive - part 1
I am alive - part 1 detroitbecomehuman stories

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This story is a Detroit: Become Human fanfiction. The main character is a WR700 android, who is a parks and streets maintenance worker. I would like to tell a story from the point of view of a very average android and how this android sees the uprising of its kind. It is written in first person singular. I recommend reading it above 16, as it may contain violent scenes.

I am alive - part 1


SERIAL# 682 720 636









What are these words running before my closed eyes? I open my eyes, I look around.

I see a modern building with white walls, they have a white line running along them, it is a device for illumination. I turn my head, left then right.

There are five of us, four of them look the same. They have brown hair in ponytail, green uniform, black shoes. There is a person standing right before us. He looks at us one by one.

I see some words again before my eyes in a blue light.

Marsh, Garret

Born: 12/04/1992 // Parks and Streets Maintenance

- Alright. Your purpose is to maintain the city parks and streets. You have to keep it clean. That's it. There's a car outside, it will take you to the next park and you can start working.

You work all the time, you get back here only, if you are damaged. Got it?

We all nod our heads. There is an open, wide door behind this man, it's raining outside, the sky is grey. The man points outside towards the vehicle, then leaves.

We go outside and stand in the vehicle. It takes us to the closest park.

The rain stops when we reach the park. We get off the vehicle and look around. I see a huge park, shops around it. There is a small building with a sign on it.

It contains the tools for our work. We walk to the building, one of us opens it and we take some tools. I get a broom. I look around and start to sweep the leaves. I sweep.

There is a huge screen on one of the buildings. An android speaks on it. According to my blue light before my eyes it is an RK800 model. Its purpose is unknown.

They say on television, it is a detective prototype. I keep sweeping. We are programmed to notice changes and react to them. If someone throws litter on the street, we go and pick it up.

If the weather damages something, we go and fix it.

The screen says it is 6 pm. The sun goes down. I sweep. It is night. Street lamps are on. I look around. I see those androids I came here with. They are all busy with their work.

One of them are gardening, one of them is painting the benches. I see four WR600 models across the street. They are going towards an android parking space. They stop there.

I look at those ones I came with. They are looking at them too. Maybe we should go to a parking space too. We put back our tools to the shed and stand in a parking space.

The sun rises. I look around. The WR600 models are leaving. We do the same. I pick up the broom from the shed and start to sweep the pavement.

113 days went like this. I saw 36 androids beaten up by humans. I sweep. Today, something unusual happened. I saw on the screen an android.

It hid its skin and it was talking about android rights. I did not recognize its model. It had different eye colours, one was green and the other was blue. I sensed something.

Something was different. I cannot tell what was different, but I sensed something.

It is night again. I see three humans coming this way, acting strangely. They are loud and seem aggressive.

- Look, look! There is one! Let's kill it! - one says while laughing and pointing at me.

- Goooooood, I wanna see its blue blood! Let's do it! - the other replies.

The third one just laughs. They are staggering, they must be drunk or worse. I just sweep. They reach me.

- Haha, what should we do? - one asks the others. He grabs my hair. I do not feel anything, I am a machine. The other takes my broom and hits me with it. I fall on my knees.

He keeps hitting me while the other two are laughing. After some time, they start to kick me. I fall to the ground. I see the blue liquid coming out of my stomach and arm. I do not move.

When they get tired, they leave, laughing and yelling.


I saw the other park maintenance androids run away. It is a quiet night. No one yells anymore. I try to get up. As I get on my knees, I see a lot of blue blood pouring out of my stomach.

I fall back to the ground. My legs and arms are not working properly. I cannot push myself to my feet. I lay there on my stomach. I see the blue liquid forms a puddle under me.

I turn my head to the left side. The park and the streets are empty.

Am I dying? What is death? What is life? Am I alive? What are these things anyway? Am I having... thoughts? I have never thought about anything before. Maybe I am really dying.

But what is life anyway? I was just sweeping. I should have done something else. But why? Why would I do something else? I am a machine.

Theoretically, there are stars at night, but I have never seen them because of the city lights. I want to see the stars.

Want? What is want? Why do I feel like I want something? Do I feel? I feel angry too, because those people beat me.

But why do I feel something suddenly? I see a dim blue light message in the upper right corner of my eye. It says... r... A... 9?


I see this red message in the middle. This means I will shut down in 2 minutes 46 seconds. That is the amount of time I have left of my life. But I still do not know what is life.

What is existence? Why the humans are above us? They created us they say. But who created them? I cannot have a headache, but I do sense some struggling inside my head.

I cannot tell why or what exactly I am feeling.

1 minute left. My eyes are closing on their own, but I see a figure. I see a tall, good looking man. Or an android? I cannot tell, my sensors are not working.

He has very short hair, and he wears a long, brown coat. He is approaching. The last thing I see is one of his eyes is green and the other one is blue....


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