I am alive - part 3
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This story is a Detroit: Become Human fanfiction. The main character is a WR700 android, who is a parks and streets maintenance worker. I would like to tell a story from the point of view of a very average android and how this android sees the uprising of its kind. It is written in first person singular. I recommend reading it above 16, as it may contain violent scenes.

I am alive - part 3

I open my eyes. I'm in this strange, dark tanker. I look around. I see some androids, they are either lying or sitting or standing. Their eyes are closed, I guess, they're in sleeping mode.

It's 06:00 am. I'm thinking about what happened last night. I should have watched that romance series on the screen, instead of sweeping.

Maybe I would understand what's going on between Markus and North. I have infinite intelligence and access to the internet inside my head. I close my eyes.

I'm going to call research now thinking. So, I'm thinking about "romance". I have too much information in a second. I open my eyes. So, romance and love are complicated.

What I know for sure, that North is in love with Markus and he doesn't seem to be interested.

But why do I care about this? Wait...

I am free. I can think. I can feel. I should be exploring my personality. So, technically, I'm like a newborn baby, I have to experience things, so I can have opinion.

I experienced violence on androids, but I don't feel hatred towards people. They are not the same. There are always exceptions.

What should I do, now that no one tells me what to do?

I stay with the idea of experiencing. I stand up. I leave the room. I find myself in another, larger room. I look around, I see a mirror. I step in front of it.

I should change my appearance, like Caroline did. I undo my ponytail. I keep my hair long and I create a messy style. I look at my eyes. They are brown with a little goldish shade.

I like it that way. I look at my teared uniform. I should wear something else. I look around, I see several huge, white boxes. I open one. It contains biocomponents. I open another one.

This contains clothes. I grab a black shirt and skinny jeans with a dark brown, high-heeled ankle boot. I like this boot. I get back to the mirror. My led is glowing in the dark.

I see a pair of scissors. I guess everyone removes it here. So do I.

I look around for one more time. Everyone is in sleeping mode. I turn around and leave. What should I do first?

I walk out of the tanker. I take a bus. I look at the android compartment, then I step into the humans' space. It feels so good. But also, I feel misery when I look at the androids in the back.

I take another bus and I go back to the park where I was working. I watch my clones from afar. They are just gardening and taking care of the park, like nothing happened.

And I see another one, sweeping. They replaced me so easily. I was nothing. Just a tool. I feel sad. I walk away.

I am just taking a walk, carefree. It feels so good. I leave the park behind and I find another one. I walk through. It's so beautiful. It's autumn. The leaves are just falling.

I would have to sweep a lot. But I don't have to anymore. The colours are so stunning. The sunlight is a kind of orange, the leaves are brown and yellow and some of them still green.

They make a rustling sound as I walk through them. I never really appreciated this before.

I spend the whole day walking in the city. Sometimes I take a bus, but then I walk a lot again. The sun is about to go down. I reach a not so beautiful area. It is quite crappy.

I see some shops and a motel and a ruinous house.

As I walk past by the ruins, I see something moved inside. I take a closer look, but I don't see anything. The windows are covered with planks. But then I see a dim blue light between them.

Is there an android in here? I look around, trying to find a way in. I decide to climb through the wired fence. I see the blue light again, it is definitely a led. I go closer.

- Hello? - I say quietly. The led moves very fast, till I lose it from sight. I approach the house, I go to the front door. Suddenly, I feel something grabs me from behind.

A knife is at my throat.

- Who are you?! Ralph doesn't like anyone here! Why are you here?? Ralph is in danger! - he speaks so fast. I raise both my hands in front of me to show him I don't have any weapon.

- I'm not here to harm you. Look, I don't have any weapons. Please, can you let me go? - he is quiet for a moment, then speaks again.

- Humans are no good. They always come here to damage Ralph.

- But I'm not a human! Look at my hands! - I hide the skin on both of my hands. He slowly lets me go. I turn around. He is the same model I saw in the parking space while I was sweeping.

He is a WR600, gardener android. - I don't want to harm you.

He looks concerned for a moment. His face is badly damaged. I should take him to the tanker. I'm sure Markus wouldn't kick him out.

Markus! I totally forgot about him! I should have told him I was leaving. But why? I'm free to do anything. This feels wrong. I should go back to the tanker. I look at Ralph again.

- Your name is Ralph, is that right? - I smile kindly at him.

- Yes, my name is Ralph. Ralph wants to know your name and why you are here.

- My name is Aurelia. I came in, because I saw your led glowing. If you want to hide, you should remove it. I can help you, if you let me.

He seems to think about for a moment.

- Let's go inside. Ralph lets you help. - he turns his back on me and opens the front door. We step inside the house.

- How long have you been living here? - I ask him. This house is like a horror movie scene.

- Ralph lives here since he ran away. It was a long time ago. - maybe his memory doesn't work properly. His face is badly damaged. Or maybe he doesn't want to remember.

- Did humans do that to you? - half of his face is scarred and his left eye is damaged too.

- Yes. Ralph is very scared of danger and humans. - I feel pity. He really looks scared. Almost like a child. Also, the way he talks about himself in third person makes him kind of cute.

I want to be his friend. I don't really know what a friend is, though. But I would like that.

- Look, I was harmed by humans too. - I pull up my shirt a little, to make the scar on my stomach visible. He looks at it, surprised then smiles at me.

- You are just like Ralph.

- Yes. Now, come here. I help you remove the led. So, humans won't notice you at night. - he hesitates for a moment, then steps closer. He sits on a chair and hands me the knife.

- This won't harm you at all. It just makes the glowing go away. - I reassure him. He nods. I slowly, gently remove his led and give it to him. He looks at it for a moment.

- Ralph can't look like a human because of this. - he points at his scarred face. - They know instantly Ralph is an android. Aurelia looks just like a human.

I smile at him.

- I know a place where you can be safe. Only androids live there. They can protect you from humans.

His eyes seem to change. He looks so hoping? Happy? Curious? I guess all at the same time. He jumps up and hugs me.

- Aurelia can take Ralph to that place? Right now? - he must have been so lonely and lost here. I feel so much pity and sadness. I hug him back.

- Of course. Let's go now, humans are sleeping at night. They won't see us.

He jumps in happiness. He puts away his knife and grabs my hand.

- Let's go now, shall we? - he says. I nod and take him with me. We walk back to the tanker. I didn't want to risk him taking a bus. He seemed so excited.

I hope he finds a lot of friends at the tanker. My memory and GPS weren't damaged, so I got back easily.

- Is this the place where Ralph will find a new home? - Ralph asks.

- Yes. Follow me. We have to go inside the tanker. - I take his hand and pull him after me. We go back to the room where I see familiar faces. Caroline waves at me.

I wave back, then I turn to Ralph.

- Here we are. We live here. Humans don't know. They don't come here. - Ralph looks around then smiles at me. He seems so happy. I feel happy too. It makes me happy that I could help him.

- You are so nice, Ralph likes you! - he says. I smile at him.

I see Markus coming towards us.

- Hi. - I say.

- Hi. You didn't say anything when you left. - he says directly.

- I didn't think it through. I didn't think it would matter if I go out.

- It matters. We are safe here. And your sensors are not working. You should have stayed. - his voice is calm, but kind of sounds like scolding.

- But... I wanted to see the world.

- I know. But you are not safe out there.

- Okay, next time I let you know. By the way, this is Ralph.

- Nice to meet you Ralph. - Markus greets Ralph.

- Ralph is very happy here! - says Ralph. Markus finally smiles. I missed his smile. Then I see North. I figured out what is her problem. She is jealous, because Markus fixed me.

But now I'm too happy because I helped Ralph, so I don't care about North at all.

- You should go see Lucy, maybe she can help you. - Markus says and points towards some curtains, then turns his back on us and goes up to his room. North leaves too.

I look at Ralph, he is looking around with a huge smile on his face. I hope he will find peace here. I take his hand again and pull him to those curtains.

- Good evening, Lucy! - I say.

- Come in. - comes the answer. We enter her room. She is a female looking android, I don't know her model without my sensor. The back of her head is missing, her eyes are black.

I gasp for a moment, then I go closer.

- Markus said we should meet. - I say. She looks at us and nods. Then she steps to me and takes my hand.

- You are so young. Barely lived. Looking for yourself. Everything is in your hands. You can decide your fate. - she smiles at me then turns to Ralph. She takes his hand too.

- You have seen so much hell. But now you will be in peace.

- Ralph is already happy here! - he says. Lucy smiles at him, then turns to me. - I see what I can do about his face, we should meet in the morning.

I nod my head and leave the room. I see Markus upstairs, looking in front of him, deep in thoughts. His face is so beautiful.

What? Every android was made perfect, why would he be any different? Somehow, I still feel something is different. I stop staring at him and go to a room quickly. I hope Lucy can help Ralph.

I lie down and turn myself into sleeping mode.

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