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#serialkillersundays A short story from a serial-killer's perspective.

Perspective ©i.chaki

My mind slithered towards yours, since the day we met. ©i.chaki

I moved silently behind you, in awe. ©i.chaki

I heard the lilt in your breath, mesmerised. ©i.chaki

My flaccid courage leaves me when I bump into you, accidentally - on purpose. ©i.chaki

My slovenly self withdraws into a cocoon, ashamed, defeated. ©i.chaki

The beast awakens and takes control. ©i.chaki

I try to break free, but you are choking. ©i.chaki

I hear you breathe one last time. ©i.chaki

As the light drains out from your eyes, my hands shake and you fall down from my grip, into a lifeless heap. ©i.chaki

I can't let you go. I don't want to. I need to be with you, forever. ©i.chaki

Involuntarily, my gloved hands search your pockets. I find your sweet smelling handkerchief. ©i.chaki

I go back home and open my safe, to preserve your memory forever. ©i.chaki

But to my surprise, it is filled with handkerchiefs, just like yours - your colour and your smell. ©i.chaki

And then I remember, YOU are still out there. ©i.chaki

I need to save YOU, all of you. So that this gritty world's filthy sweat cannot corrupt your sweet perfume. ©i.chaki

And only then, you can finally rest. ©i.chaki

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