©i.chaki Confessions of a depressed mind. An ode to never giving up.


Confessions of a depressed mind.

An ode to never giving up. midnightthoughts stories

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Don't wait for a hero to save you. Heroes are of no good anyway. And even if someone comes along, they won't be able to save you from the inside. Listen to the spark that flickers in you. That spark you don't give in to. Listen to your inner rants. Sometimes sharing your inner rants are more important than the well-formed, guarded thoughts that you think saves you from the judgement of this world.

©i.chaki Confessions of a depressed mind. An ode to never giving up.

The world does not know, how many times I pick myself up and dust out the negative thoughts pulling me down. How many times I smile with my insides wringing in pain and self-loathing. How many times I assert I am fine while my soul screams "You are not!" ©i.chaki

"You are not! You need to lie down and rest. Forget the rat race for a moment. Stop wondering if everything that matters is scarce in your life - friendship, love, peace, passion, sleep, space, energy, trust, health, except, may be, your body fat. ©i.chaki

Forget that sinister feeling of always trying to fit in, and draining your spirit by mellowing down to those small talks, fake concerns and vapid friendships. Forget all the pain and go back to your roots. ©i.chaki

Go back to where you came from. Reminisce how you braved this difficult journey. Don't you see the people who care about you were with you all along? And they would be there always. They love you because in this fake world, where everyone is trying to fit in through lies and deceit, you are the only one with a soul glistening like a diamond. ©i.chaki

You shine the brightest - and someday someone worthy of your warmth would recognize your light." ©i.chaki

The world does not know how my soliloquy saves me every day. The world does not know that even if I have to drown my physical self in cloud of lies and deceit, it would not obscure who I am - since I would never let go of my light. ©i.chaki

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