Twelve Fanfiction part one
Twelve Fanfiction part one twelve stories

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If you haven't seen the series Twelve then you really should. It's on youtube by PetPyves. I hope you have a good day and stay healthy.

Source: PetPyves Youtube

Twelve Fanfiction part one

by PetPyves

The alarm went off and Imp jumped out of bed screaming. "Shush, Imp!!" His friend May yelled then stretched and got up too.

It had been a long time and Imp was helping May take care of her kittens, Heather and Sye (not sure if I spelled that right). Thinking of them made Imp laugh and his laugh woke them up.

"Uncie Imp!! Uncie Imp!!"

"Hey, kiddos!! Good morning!" Then May's mate, Simon, came into the room. "Hey Imp!" Imp looked up and backed away. "Good morning, Simon.

I'm going to go get breakfast really quick" Then Imp wandered off into the kitchen.

Suddenly, May burst out of the cabinet! "Imp, that May over there isn't the real May!! You have to help get me back into my body!! She isn't the real May!!!" Then screaming May disappeared.

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