Scorpion the SandWing
Scorpion the SandWing sandwing stories

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Scorpion, a dragon, was banished from her home. She meets a different dragon who knows how she feels. Together they see how bad the world REALLY is and see how much their homes hid from them.

Scorpion the SandWing

Scorpion trailed through the blazing hot sand and felt the sand go through her talons. She sighed. Ever since she had been banished from the Sand Kingdom, life had been so hard.

She plodded through the desert until she came across a stream. She bent to take a drink but suddenly a blue SeaWing leapt out of the water and grabbed her snout.

Scorpion tried to scream but she couldn't. The SeaWing shoved her in a black bag and everything went black.

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