Scorpion The SandWing Part Five

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Scorpion gets accompanied to the dragonet, whos name is Crysta, while they try to figure out what to do next. Sorry for dragging the story so much

Scorpion The SandWing Part Five

Scorpion skipped past the courtyard where all the other StoneWings were gathering to hear the queen's words. Instead she went directly into the forest. "Where are we going?" the dragonet asked.

Scorpion ignored her question. In truth, she had no idea where she was going. She was just trying to escape from the StoneWings.

Maybe she could hide somewhere in the rainforest without the RainWings noticing her and a tiny baby StoneWing. "What's your name, little thing?" She asked. "Crysta.

I was named after the stone I was born with like all the other StoneWings. But they couldn't identify my stone so they named me just Crysta. My parents hated me after that.

So they had another dragonet who became my sister, Opal." Scorpion looked back at Crysta. "Well, maybe you can feel love now." In fact, Scorpion already loved Crysta like a daughter.

"My name's Scorpion." Crysta smiled and Scorpion flew them off towards the Rainforest, where they were going to meet a dragon who could change their lives FOREVER.

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