all or nothing
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sorry i haven’t posted, i know i should. it really helps my mind when i write. it’s just been rough lately.

all or nothing

it’s been a while. and somehow out of the blue, you start appearing in my dreams again.

except this time, we’re different. we’re still in love. but it’s a painful kind of love.

when i see you, i’m hurt. i won’t even glance at you longer than a second. but you’re still there. apologizing. and reaching out. but you know you’ve done wrong.

and i know i miss you. my head is hurting, my heart is hurting by just thinking of you.

and as much i miss your laugh, your smile, your voice. you. i want it to stop.

because i want the real you. i don’t want the you in my head. and no matter what, my trust has been broken. even if you came back, it wouldn’t be the same.

so, yes, i love you and i wish you all the best. but i want my mind cleared. we had good times. and i recognize it’s over.

but why don’t my dreams feel the same way?

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