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Fishing used to be so simple. What ever happened to that? (The image used was specifically created for this work by nezmakesart.)

Deception 1.1.3

You can see it. It’s lurking right below the water’s surface, but it’s too dark to tell what it is. Its swimming pattern is just a tactic meant to confuse you, and yet you fall for it every time.

As always, you take your chances and haphazardly cast your line. "Damn, way too far off the mark." You reel back in and cast again, this time landing in the perfect spot.

Before you know it, the creature is drawn in. You can see it testing out the bobber, regardless of the fact that you have no lure or bait. You hold your breath, waiting for the mysterious silhouette to believe that there’s nothing to fear.

Suddenly, your bobber plunges below the water. There’s no time to waste on playing with this catch. With no hook at all, you wrestle to get the beast out of the water. The two of you struggle back and forth, but the splashing signals that you’ve already won the fight.

In one swift move, you yank on your rod and reach out to catch the unknown creature. The rod snaps in two, but it just might be worth it. When your catch plops into your hand, your eyes widen and your heart races. Curses are desperate to spill from your lips.

You can only force a sarcastic smile to hide what you’re truly feeling: sheer horror, anguish, and convoluted hatred.

The color drains from your face, unlike the cheerful pastel hues of your catch. You fall for it every time.

"That’s an egg, not a fish..."

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