Depression selfharmawearness stories
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iamthatgirl Looking for friends because I have none
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Just a little description of how depression feels to me at this exact moment. I wont be going to school today either because every time I try to even think less do leave my dorm I break into a million pices and cry endlessly and I don’t like having panic attacks because the feeling of passing out is still new to me. ugh.


Depression is like a wall you have to climb to succed,

depression is a rock pulling you down the stream,

depression allows all insecurities to take over,

depression holds you back from everything you love,

in the end only making it worse,

it feels like there is no where out,

just a blade on your wrist and pills in your mouth,

but Im not ready to give up allthough I have tried,

what Im ready for is making this depression -


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