When I Try To Write Out My Problems
When I Try To Write Out My Problems stories

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When I Try To Write Out My Problems

by me

is it all in my head

why do I want to push myself further into denial

when I know what's going on

when I know that how I am feeling

And what I am hiding


but admitting that something is wrong

I simply can't

There's no space for that

I can't just

I'm lost


I don't understand


why I can't just fucking do it

who am i anymore

I am the girl who never spoke her mind.

always keeping her thoughts and emotions to herself.

The girl who wants to escape from her reality.

She has been a puppet for too long.

Hiding in the shadows, afraid to speak up.

She hates it here.

She hates herself.

But she could never admit that to anyone.

I could never admit that to myself.

I need a way out, Dios

Give me a way out

I need your presence

to find my will

Deus, please

I pray to you everyday

pleading for something

Anything to get me away

Away from here

I pray for you to find my happiness

because I have lost it and I fear that it will not return

my life is okay though

I am okay

everything in my head is okay

everything in this town is okay

it is all okay

I just need to convince myself

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