To My First Love
To My First Love stories
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To My First Love

by me

I don't know where we are going to end up...

But I have hopes that we will be together for a while.

That we'll learn more about each other...

than we know ourselves.

That we'll be able to share our secrets

And grow from each other.

and fight and scream and hate each other

but still be hopelessly in love

But I don't see you and I staying together.

Our feelings may fade or our lives will get in the way

I will always remember you though.

The experiences you gave me.

The memories we shared.

The way you made me feel.

The way you made me laugh.

I felt alive with you.

But now I feel alone.

Dead to the world.

I just want to lie next to you

And feel your warmth

But you're there and I'm here

So this won't last

To my first love

I will always love you

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