The Soul Steals Back
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iammeAnd the sunflowered moon whistled
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The Soul Steals Back

by me

She danced in the rain

Made love to the moon

Who could of known shed be gone so soon

The happy little soul was in so much pain

Always thinking she had nothing more to gain.

She was empty and alone

Always wondering if she had known

would she have taken the bone?

She fell toward the sea floor

Hoping she could be no more

Then the wondrous sun came

A woman who seemed insane

She circled the Earth

And provided all her worth

Helping her once again see

That she was a beautiful flower whispering through the sea

The stolen soul learned to love again

She learned to forgive but never forget the fallen angel

She learned that one day

She would meet an angel again

And they too would sweep her off her feet

Always there, always with care

The fallen angel could hurt her no more

for she knew he too had been broken

however she had grown love in its place

And she hoped the fallen angel would learn to love again just as she did.

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