Ashamed forgiveness stories

iamafollower no one cares unless ur beautiful or dead
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blame it all on me because i’m okay with that as long as i have you.


i'm sorry that you shredded away

it's really all my fault

i didn't mean to break us apart

some people change

but i hate it everyday

and i didn't mean to not say

thank you for being there

i'm ashamed i see you here

you're always with me

but we always fight constantly

i'm sorry it was all MY fault

i know you hate me for it

i made us fall apart

but it wasn't never good enough

...not from the start

and i can't tell u i'm sorry to ur face

it's just too hard

and if i took the pain away

it would leave a scar

so i don't know how to make it right

i just want you to know

i didn't mean to be the thorn at your side

i just didn't want you to go

and i over compensate your mistakes

and you don't care about mine

i know that we are different

but keep in mind

that you're all i have

and i dont want you to go

i never meant to hurt you

it's all my fault

i'm just so sorry

i clouded your sky that shined so bright

and i hope forgiveness is in your heart

because i can't imagine us apart

i'm a monster and you didn't that at all

“if i cut you off, chances are, you handed me the scissors.”

sincerely, the worst friend alive

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