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I was there on the worst night of your life. Little do you know that it was also the worst day of my life too. Who saves the paramedic/EMT?

I was there

I was there.

I was there when you were having the worst day of your life.

I was there experiencing it all with you or the people around you.

I was there when you were in labor under the emergency department canopy. We brought you in to the stabilization room where you gave birth to your 22-week, premature baby.

Your baby died shortly after entering this world. I held your hand when you screamed for your dead child. That ear-piercing scream. The scream only a mother who lost her child can make.

I mourned for you. I still see your baby in my dreams.

I was there when you couldn't feel the whole right side of your body. You couldn't speak. You tried so hard but couldn't. My partner and I knew you were having a stroke.

Your husband sat up front with me when we rushed you to the hospital.

I told your husband what was going to happen--there was going to be a lot of doctors and a lot of people in a large room asking a million questions.

We got to the hospital where you lost control of your airway. You couldn't breathe. Doctors rushed you to CT where they found out you had a hemorrhagic stroke. You died 30 minutes later.

I was the one who told your loving husband of 57 years that you were dead. You were up and walking, talking and breathing just hours prior. I cried for you that night.

I was there where you came running towards me with your baby who was obviously limp. You were crying and telling me that you didn't know what was going on. Your baby was actively dying on me.

I was there when you told the nurses at the children's hospital that you forgot your 1 year old in the car with the windows up. It was 97 degrees outside, your baby had a fever of 106 degrees.

You were high off meth. You were also pregnant with your second child.

I was there when your drunk boyfriend almost killed you and an elderly female who was delivering newspapers to her city.

Your boyfriend was driving drunk with you in the car and jumped the median, striking the elderly woman head on going 50 miles an hour.

You were laying on the ground next to the vehicle and kept asking if your boyfriend was okay. You were in rough shape when I arrived, but you ended up only having a broken rib.

The elderly lady ended up having an open ankle fracture and ended up needing a blood transfusion due to the immense amount of blood she lost and was admitted to the ICU.

I was there after you had dropped dead on the floor of your parent's house. You were in cardiac arrest and weren't coming back. Your eyes were open. Staring at me. Lifeless.

I will never forget looking over my shoulder and seeing your siblings and your mother crying hysterically, confused as to why you just dropped dead.

I talked to your family that night and told them that you were dead. I felt so sick, I had just told this woman that her son was dead.

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