"What do you do with bad feelings?"
"What do you do with bad feelings?" growth stories

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A poetic, metaphorical step by step guide for dealing with bad feelings

"What do you do with bad feelings?"

,,What do you do with bad feelings?"

⁃ First, you pull them out of their cage.

⁃ Then you taste them on your tongue.

⁃ You feel them under your skin, running through your flesh, and your bones, and your veines.

⁃ Next you feel them breaking through like needles, opening your skin.

⁃ You sense them coating your body.

⁃ You see them gracing your eyes, and your nose, your lips.

⁃ You hear them whispering in your ear.

⁃ And then you catch them bristling through your hair.

⁃ Next you give them permission to fill your lungs.

⁃ And to touch your heart.

⁃ Then you draw them through your mind, every neuron in your brain.

⁃ You free them out and let them colour your surroundings.

⁃ You give them into air, and earth, and time, and space.

⁃ You listen to their sounds and songs.

⁃ And you watch their dance unfold.

⁃ You let them read you a bed-time story.

⁃ And you listen to their mourns, and stories.

⁃ And lastly,

⁃ You take them in, again, and embrace them.

⁃ You carress their hearts and bring them to peace.

⁃ And then

⁃ At last

⁃ You release them.

,,What do you do with bad feelings?"

⁃ You live them.

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