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hypnotick Today’s pain is tomorrow’s strength
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There are people who will help so many and never bat an eye to do so. Yet many forget to ask how they are doing or check on them. Ask your support how they are doing you never know how someone is really doing


Before the sun rises

And after it sets

I’m up or by my phone

Ready to come save you

I’m the lifeguard and and your the victim

The victim to this crucial and harsh world

I will never turn you away nor stand there as I see someone in need

Knowing so many things on others life, like I’m the governments eye

I keep it all in and never pass judgement

But I’ll be honest, or maybe I’ll just listen

I’ll always check up on you

But who can I turn to when everyone turns to me

When the weight of the world seems to sit in my shoulder as I drown in the ocean I rescue you from

My head sinking lower and lower under her big beautiful violent waves

As they pound me under

But I’ll keep you afloat giving you a floatation device as if I didn’t need it for myself

So as I go down under, I train myself to breath like a fish and live under water until the day I hit rock bottom and await for someone to find me like a lost treasure

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