When We Age
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hypersl0wnotes on the commonplace
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Why do the years go faster when we age?

When We Age

by hypersl0w

If you look back on your life,

you will realise that you are the youngest you will ever be

and the oldest you have been.

You might also realise that the years have begun to unravel faster.

But why?

It can all be explained with maths and simple fractions.

You see, when you were a one year old, that first year of your life was your entire life.

It was the only experience you've ever had.

I will be turning eighteen soon,

so that means that this year has been 1/18th of my entire life thus far.

A fifty year old man experiences his years faster because his current year is 1/50th of his entire life,

which means that one year is smaller than the combined experience he's had for as long as he's been alive.

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You are right up to a point time does seem to go faster as you get older if you are leaving a normal life but some of life's events can make one year seem to take a lifetime ( death and sadness )are just a couple of things that slow down your perception of time A Great piece thought