Treasure Hunt Race
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There are no rules amongst the competitors, the only rule: Do NOT kill the creature. Happy hunting

Treasure Hunt Race

"Competitors, line up to receive your Treasure Hunt Task sheet. Proof of Mythical creatures is what your task will be. Killing of the creature disqualifies you from the game, And with that, good luck, there is no playing safe."

no crickets or twilight birds, all that's heard is the dry autumn leaves crunching under my feet so much for thinking of being somewhat discreet

i can't help but gradually grow a frown, my confidence wavering slightly thinking of what could go down the Amarok reaps those foolish enough to hunt alone at night

on that note... I'm definitely not in the right if I'd encounter the mighty creature from which nothing remains concealed, I know for a fact, it'd be no use to yield

i slap my cheeks with newfound resolve and a reminder of what's at stake, I must find a piece of its fur by daybreak! treasure hunt or not, I need to win this, I can't let my hunch have another miss @whoknowsreally - amarok

competition is becoming heated in desperate searches of mythology for me, I've heard many anecdotes of a mysterious healing

simply looking at a white feathered bird perched upon the window sill touching the beak sucks out all ailments of the body

or even predictions of death and life between person to person i'm intrigued about the properties the Caladrius holds

looking up at the blue sky for a blob of white mixed in the sun picking up feathers and dung claimed to cure blindness hidden under fallen leaves

for those yearning for better health and hope it may come if I get myself together and win this Treasure Hunt @lilimurato - caladrius

my wings flapping with intensity, and might competitors far and near in sight!

the night eating me like a snack my bravery soothing though it lacks

i have to work smart but not hard there are so many factors, so many cards

i'm looking from above at those who sneak maybe my plan to win isn't so weak @summerbaby - dragon

I can smell it, I can sense it Someone among these "treasure hunters"

Holds the fang of my forefather Fenrir, the Nordic Gods' fear

That which has torn off a limb from Tyr The Monster of the River

The hunt for the thief begins No one but wolfmen is more fit

The pressure to reclaim the treasure Falls unto me, and I shan't waver

Whomsoever had the wits to carry out the deed The hunt for the thief begins @ethernia - fenrir

In the dead of night Eyes widely open, and hunching shoulders in fright

Held once in a blue moon Awaits another opportunity this June

My watery eyes glowing And behind, black hair flowing

Disguised with the functioning of muscles underneath Black lips, and prominent white teeth

Yellowish skin pulled over the body And prospecting that the win is mine undoubtedly

And so it begins, hide, seek and repeat For it's time to claim the opportunity, let's compete! @poeticworld - frankenstein

On the darkest of nights, a haunting sound reverberates through shore, I crouch further behind the thorny bushes, hands going slack

My trained eyes straining to distinguish black from black, The silver gun runs a reassuring finger down my spine

But no, I won't kill you Kelpie, rather ride you to honor my bloodline, From me you cannot escape creature, I swore to father I would always comeback

On the darkest of nights. All call me crazy, laugh at my face branding you as just a lore,

But I have seen your slick body gobbling up moonlight & have followed your dirt tracks Have touched inky black hairs & have kept a few in my rucksack,

So here I am, gun in hand, waiting for you to come ashore, On the darkest of nights @samuel_dcosta - kelpie

Slithering tenticles Hissing voices

The Kraken devours All the earth's places

A roar so mighty It seems more powerful

Than Ares, Zeus or Aphrodite How could a human stop it?

Her little sword Those shocking teeth

But her bravery accounts for it all When at last their weapons shall meet @mistexplorer74 - kraken

Melody of a dark Chime of a monster's wrath

To her question of what lasts He replies with a laugh

Chains around her waist Trapping his fate

In a white gown she weds The monster gazed

Not here and not there She was pinned in between

His name and his name The monster demands for a game

A grin on his face What will it be

My heart or my heart To be butchered in red @doievenexist - loch ness monster

Flash of rainbow scales Upon a dark blue sea

Fish, but not quite, gliding away Smooth as fish could be

Fins of flashing green And eyes of gilded gold

Light of warmth and starlight Inside, a heart of ice and cold

Pearls of shock and fury Fight of ocean war

People say they're only myths But there's truth in story and lore

Much power lies in there So I seek the beats within

Find their heart, diamond prize And possibility begins

So as you sail across the sea Remember these creatures in part

For none could stop the raging storm Within a mermaid's heart @orcastogether - mermaid

As if this all has happened before, ending in sight A gleam that could make a ghost turn pale

Shimmering off of a rusted scale The sandy beaches with streaked moonlight

Concealing the secrets of forgotten spite Following lost traces of a mythical trail

As if this all has happened before Though claws tear through this relic of might

Like teeth lodged inside a powerful tail Marks of victory with a painful wail

A constant cycle of an endless fight As if this all has happened before

And is doomed to happen forevermore @mcghosty - ouroboros

Thunder rumbles with each beat of its wings, my gaze turned to the sky of rainy sleet The whirring of helicopter choppers chops the air, bringing the suspicion that someone else is after my prized dare

No one can get this bird but me, if that means injuries, well be braced for impact theif I set a firework upon the ground, aiming it to the chopper before feathers start floating around

Falling from the sky like a gift from heaven, sparkling with veins of light, as I realize with a shriek sounding in the distance, Whoever was in that chopper, just killed the thunderbirds existence @hayha - thunderbird

The air whizzed past my arms, As I approached the myth,

The ornate mane delicately cast, She stood in handsome grit,

I heard a jeep rumbling, Could turn around to see a rifle,

The sight of the beauty mind numbing, She saw no trifle,

I rushed to get a hand, And get her to run,

The bullet had escaped in a fiery brand, The bullet finally won @debadityadutta - unicorn

Midnight arrives and she's not so bright Down the forest and follow the light

Oh what lies do you live? Why are you both so deceiving

Do you think it's easy to forgive What foolish lives you live

To be tricked and eaten By the creature that's now grinning with red ooze coming out of its stained fangs

I would've said I told you so But poor girl who left has me not to do so. @himari_11 - werewolf

written by: Bibi (whoknowsreally) Lili (lilimurato) Jade (summerbaby) Jaysen (ethernia) Laiba (poeticworld) Samuel (samuel_dcosta) Unknown (mistexplorer74) Unknown (doievenexist) Diana (orcastogether) Nick (mcghosty) Hailey (hayha)

written by: Deb (debadityadutta) Shruthika (himari_11)

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