Till’ The End of Time
Till’ The 
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hymn currently brain dead | ideas plz
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this could trigger you, idk. this is a horror story/poem

Till’ The End of Time

Open your eyes, rip the glue from your lids

Open See the your eyes, sun rise, rip the glue oh, from your lids don’t be so grim

Smile wide, let your pearly teeth show

Smile wide, Don’t ask why, let your just do what pearly teeth I tell you, show don't say no

Listen real closely, stop looking to the sky

Listen real Pay attention closely, my trophy, stop looking there’s no to the sky need to cry

Stop being so nosey, I said listen, but not to my lies

Stop being Oh, so you’re so nosey, lonely, I said listen, who cares. but not to my lies Definitely not I

Keep your eyes dry, no one wants to know

Keep your How you can’t eyes dry, even fly, no one your wings wants to know mangled and broken

Don't try to run, you're mine, I'll suffocate you till' you no longer grow

Don't try to run, Open your eyes darling, you're mine, I'll suffocate you I’m not going till' you no anywhere longer grow

I've got till' the end of time, and you'll be my show

written by: hailey

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