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hymn wazzaaa 👐
Autoplay OFF   •   2 months ago
thank you so much 💛💛 I’m just- speechless. I never knew I could get this far


wow guys im just- wow.

this is so amazingggg!!!! i went on commaful on new years to see 10k and I'm just like, that's the best thing that's happened this year and it only just started.

I started commaful about a year ago and some people that kicked me off into poetry were @qimagine @bruvton @dearpoetri @whoknowsreally @indigosparkle @himari_11 @lucasedge and @debadityadutta most were in my first collab

when I was around 500 followers I found out about @mike_mezz @in @lilimurato @sugar_cupcake and @tipsie. their comments and their poetry are A M A Z I N G. their posts made me strive to get better, so thank you

@magnalia @caldafox @shadowdream @dfendyr @await_alive @brilindcommaacc @chrysalis_06 @soulstitch_04 your support literally means everything and your comments were the ones that stood out to me most, so thank you!

@in and @sugar_cupcake @chrysalis_06 @aryelee @y @lethious @soulstitch_04 @lilimurato @debadityadutta @magnalia @gossamerink your poems are my inspiration, so all of my poems can thank yours 🙏

in celebration I’m making another collab with the theme of “hark work” and “accomplishment”

if you’re joining and you want someone else to participate as well just tag them along with yourself!

this collab idea is still a work in progress but if you’re interested, let me know!

thank you so much 💛💛

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