Kirsten's Life: 8, Late for Work.. (last bit)
Kirsten's Life: 8, Late for Work..  (last bit) the fall stories

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Kirsten helps Joe at the 'office'...

Kirsten's Life: 8, Late for Work.. (last bit)

Kirsten rolled over and snuggled into Joe's hairy back, he was deeply sleeping. She stretched up and kissed lovingly the top of Joe's baldy head, feeling the warmth of his back on her naked breasts. Kirsten smiled "Sleep on my love."

Joe simply snored. Kirsten giggled happily then slid out of bed, sitting momentarily on the bed edge.

She surveyed the room, her wonderful new green Lycra dress lay crumpled and abandoned on the floor, half covering the shiny stiletto heeled shoes. Beside them lay a discarded box of Joe's little blue pills. Kirsten smiled to herself.

It had been a long night and Joe had done himself proud, old dogs know plenty good tricks, but contrary to the folklore, they can still learn some interesting new ones. They just need the encouragement.... and practise.

She went to the apartment window and looked out onto the new Flagstaff morning. Streets were deserted apart from the Union guards patrolling.

Kirsten cleared away the remnants of last night's meal. Spag Bol.. As Joe called it. And he had been impressed with Kirsten's newly found usefulness at the cooking. Kirsten chuckled, she found it surprising she would become so domesticated.

Next, Kirsten showered, dressed and tidied the room a little. Joe was still far away in slumber land, looked like he would be there for a while yet.

So late, and he would have customers already queuing at the stall by now. Kirsten smiled and left him, went down and climbed into her car, then pointed it towards the plaza.

At the Auction lectern, Rodney looked up from his books as Kirsten approached Joes spot by the mail box. "Where's Joe?" He asked as Kirsten set out some of the paperwork.

"Sleeping.... "Kirsten answered as she started dealing with the queue of early shoppers. "Long night Huh?" Rodney's smirk was obvious.

"You could say that Rodders, but you're only jealous... Now if you don't mind, I am busy, as you see" "Still got plenty Via....?" "Shut it!" Kirsten scowled as she cut him off mid word and almost a quickly smiled at the old lady at the head of the queue.

"He'll be along soon Lucille..." "How in hell can you be so bright this early of a morning dearie?" Lucille asked in her usual curmudgeon way. Kirsten just smiled at her and took her chips. "Have a nice day!"

Sure enough a flustered and dishevelled Joe appeared hurriedly at the stand, a mere 45 minutes later... Joe growled at Rodney's smirk. Kirsten smiled and gave Joe a warm kiss of welcome.

Joe was driven by habit to his mountainous pile of mail, passing a huge sigh, because it looked more like trouble than incoming receipts.

Kirsten poured Joe a mug of coffee from the thermos and stood beside him as he growled his way through the mail, adding letter after letter to an increasing pile of trouble.

"Let me take them Hun, drink your coffee" Kirsten scooped up the mail and took them to a pile of boxes and began reading them. Joe, being too preoccupied with the search for receipts just grunted and sipped the badly needed coffee. And so it went on for the next hour

Joe seeing to his ledger, Kirsten attending to her pile of problem mails."

Eventually Joe, wondering why he could not smell burning paper (The customary fate in his mind for any complaint mail) sidled over to Kirsten and peered over her shoulder. "What's in that parcel sweetie?"

"I sent this guy a replacement pistol, the first one didn't work and he mailed from a cloner to complain."... Joe paled suddenly "You did what?"

"There is the list of refunds for your ledger, not so bad. Five red in total... " Kirsten beamed proudly at her efficiency in dealing with complaints.

Joe's face morphed from pallid to purple. "REFUNDS!! .. Bloody hell woman what are you doing giving REFUNDS!! , I thought you were going to burn the complaints like I always do.

As he watched, Kirsten's face went from smile to frown to furrow to pout... to deeper pout. Finally she turned away from Joe in full sulk mode and went to the corner, standing back towards Joe.

Joe's face and cigar drooped. Sensing his supply of nookie was in mortal peril... Joe took a deep breath.

Glancing at the leering smirking smugface Rodney momentarily long enough to show him a raised index finger, Joe approached Kirsten's back and took her shoulders, and turned her mega-pouting face to his.

"Five red... its not so much sweetie.." He smiled, thinking, ' either apologise or lose nightly supply of enthusiastic passion old son' "I'm sure you did right" he added, just for effect , almost choking on the words.

"It'll be worth it , really, happy customers spend more, Joe." Kirsten's pout reduced somewhat, she twined her arms around a slightly perspiring Joe. One would assume perspiring because she just gave 5 red BACK to some whingeing punters on his behalf.

Kirsten twined her arms around Joe for a comfort hug, making sure her cleavage would impress Joe all the same, just for added effect..

the muffled groan from within confirmed said effect.

All happy again, Kirsten got back to work smiling once more. Joe glanced at Rodders, who had been watching. Rodders smirked at Joe.

Joe mouthed a short phrase at Rodders, so obvious was it that no lip reading skills were needed....... "Fuck off, Rodders ..... "

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