Kirsten's Life: 6, And so, to Joe..
Kirsten's Life: 6, And so, to Joe.. the fall stories
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hyle Dahhling.... I am soo, soo soo... ermm?
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Cupid looks at his Bow, then Joe. Realises more is needed. The Bazooka of Lust,,,

Kirsten's Life: 6, And so, to Joe..

Little dogs bark the loudest... ....... Old dogs are much more reliable.

I have heard about New Flagstaff, the girl in Pass Chris told me it was a big city. But it is not until I see its tall buildings rise over the horizon like a malignant handful of fingers that I have any idea of the scale of the place.

I stop my bike, stand by the road and breathe 'Wow!'... I even find myself giggling with excitement as I fuss with my make-up by the roadside, the small mirror balancing on the bike saddle, and me leaning over it, making sure my eyes are impressively alluring.

A girl should always be prepared to meet Mr. Right... well, Mr. Rich-Right.... The streets are wide and patrolled by some sort of Union presence, as they were in Sunshine Corner. As I roll past some bar and an Old Cinema, I see purple.

Well purple and white, riding toward me on a purple motorcycle. Well you know, sometimes I just get curious. So I spin around and follow this guy.

By riding past him and then letting him pass me a couple of times. I think I attract his attention. Let's face it, riding a moto in a short skirt displaying the best part of my legs..... yeah! Definitely the best parts. It works.

Anyway purple boy pulls over a few tens of meters past me and sits in his bike. I sway my way up the sidewalk, watching him. "You got a name, sugar?" I ask, I chuckle to myself which translates to a happy smile for the boy.

He looks at me from out of his purple street-punk outfit, I wonder to myself if he has seen the business side of a razor yet. But he is quite handsome. Cute, all the same. " I got lots of names, but you can call me...... "

Umm...... Let's not say his name out loud, dear reader, lets save his... what do they call it? His 'Rep?'... But suffice to say he passed compliments on my black leather skirt... He is sooo sweet !

So I chat with him for a little while, during which the conversation drifts along until it gets to him asking if I want to try some storm. "Bahh !Honey, I don't need chemicals to make me a fun girl, anyway, the stuff just means loss of sensitivity and we don't what that do we?"

Shortly after that he was gone! Just up and away without a word... Can't think why, well, maybe I can. You see, some guys like their girls...umm... is it 'Hoe's' they call them?

Anyway. They seem to like them nice and subservient. Like some kind of trophy or whatever. All that nonsense. But. Give these men a girl who is in control, who shows power... heh! 'Hasta la vista baby'... And a cloud of dust spirals into the evening sky.

And Purple Boy was not the only one to buckle. Kirsten honey, this town is a real anti-climax. What with see through bravado and protective girlfriends?

What does impress me though is the number of cars. Huyy I have to get me one of these. One of the sleek jobs, not one of these tanks. OK the tanks are said to be faster, but I can sacrifice a few kilometres an hour to look good hmm?

Sure. Oh yeah that pink one over there the blonde is driving, she has taste, that girl. Oh I better learn to drive one also... but that's just a technicality.

I see a dark green sporty car by the auctioneer. I ask out loud "Who's is this?" A girl nearby says "Who's is what? "This car," I say, pointing at it.

"Oi ! My car... bugger off away from it, I've just had the resprayed!" Came the reply from a rather older chap standing by a mailbox. he had just dropped all his papers on the ground. " His, I guess." The girls says.

I clasp my hands behind my back, best way to make my breasts a little more noticeable I have found. Best pout, best foot forward. This fellow looks lonely....

"So what does a girl have to do to get one of these.... hmm?"

"Expensive... 'speshly that one," He says to my breasts. So I bend down to adjust my shoe, not that is needed adjusting. The guy makes a sort of keening sound.... I smile up at him.

"Exactly how expensive is expensive," I ask, biting my lip for effect. "erm... oh...e r... 10red... ish," He says, still to my cleavage. "Gold digger!" the girl coughs out loudly before walking away, shaking her head.

"You got a name, sugar?" The man comes back from fantasy land.. "Er yes. Joe Spivey..Spivey's Independent ... er Traders." He says, giving me a business card I smile, "You can call me Kirsten."

"Well.. erm Kirsten... if er you ever need anything... supplies, or.... anything?" he says, pulling on his collar. He seems to be hot. I dust off my cleavage "Yes but how much would you charge me, for a pink one. Has to be pink..."

"For er... you?" I nod with big inviting eyes.

"Ummmm that's not something I actually sell.... unfortunately..." He looks a little defeated really.. Poor chap. I throw a lifeline. "Oh? you cant act as.. an... agent?"

"Agent?" He thinks quickly. " Er.. yes... I can do that. How's about we talk about this over a dri.. I mean dinner? "Sure. now?" I lean forward again. "Now?!" He squeaks...

"Sure.. unless you are too busy." Joe Spivey drags his eyes from my very short skirt... "No! No not at all... how about we go to... The bar?" I nod with a smile as he kicks the ledgers and parcels towards the crates.

I offer my arm. He eventually notices and takes it. I pull him closer "Comfey? ..I think... pink is a nice colour for a lady hmm?"

So we go into the bar, its a strange place, you climb down a ladder, I go first and Joe watches closely. Did he just drool? At the bar Joe asks. "Erm... drink?"

"I'll eat anything.. and drink... whiskey?" I say and peck his cheek. "Oh right... food, sure. Darren... 2 double whiskey's mate... oh and some sort of food for the lady."

I pucker my lips and sway my way to a quiet booth. A minute later Joe puts the drinks on the table "Food will be along" "So.. you an independant trader hmm?" I say as a scoot my self closer to him.

"That's right." He says, "You need it, i can get it.. so erm... I haven't seen you around before" I forgive him the lame line. "Thats good to hear, I need a reliable man.. you are reliable hmm?"

"Reliable?" He flusters a bit. "Erm, yeah, I guess you can say that." I lean more into him, smiling, sipping my drink extremely carefully, looking Joe all the time. "Pink.. yes?,, what would that.. umm cost?"

He takes his eyes off my body just long enough to down his drink. "What cost? a car? oh well.... I reckon, you know, for the right sort of customer I could get one very cheap."

"You see, I just got into town,, not so many chips, but.. I am sure we could make SOME arrangement." I stretch, giving Joe no doubt what I mean.

I see the sweat on his brow. "Well, for the RIGHT customer I should think I could magic one up forrr... nothing at all?" "I can make a little down-payment, if it helps.." I say, taking his hand an placing it on my knee.

He makes that keening sound again. "Sssounds like a deal to me Christine." " Kirsten," I remind him He slaps his head. "Silly me, Kirsten. Of course!"

I lean in, nibbling his ear. "They gave me such long legs... you like them?" Joe sighs.... "Oh yes" I whisper in his ear " Pink.. has to be pink."

His breath is short. "Pink you s...said? No problem." He slides a hand into my jacket, making the barman stare. "Let me help." I whisper, pulling my jacket zip down for him

"I need to powder my nose,, Come and help..." I whisper into his ear before leading him to the tavern rest rooms.

Twenty minutes later, Joe and I emerge. Joe looks quite pale and out of breath but also looks like the happiest man on earth. "You know.. you should do this more often, you look much happier.." I tease.

He sighs. "I'd need to get in shape first," Then says a bit louder. "Yeah, sure hell! God need a drink... or two. Want more drinkies?" Joe waves the barman over and orders drinks "And wipe that smirk off your face!"

"Just think.. twice on a Sunday hmm?" I smile. Joe is still in fairyland. "And a sandwich would be good!" "Lots of fruit.. helps." I suggest.

Joe swallows, still not quite recovered. "Yeah twice on... what day is it now?" "Monday.. " "Thank God" he says softly.

I pick at my now cold food with my fingertips, very saucily. Joe downs a drink in one "Of course,, for a pink car I could make many nights fun... Just maybe you take a shower first hmm?"

"Um yeah... but pink might take a bit longer ... shall we say Wednesday? Thursday tops?,,, Sure sweetie, you take all the showers you need." "Not me. You.!" I say, maybe a little strongly for the situation.

Joe thinks about that "Err...Yeah... yeah I think I can manage that" "Ohhh but don't you hate showering alone? I do." I say to retrieve the situation a little. His eyes widen "You do!... Oh well... Here's to saving water then!

"So... I come see you later today hmm?" I give my best suggestive smile. He quickly scribbles down his address and slides it to me

"So back to work huh? Make lots and lots of money?" I grin at him, leaning forward again to remind him what we were just doing in the rest room. He wipes his mouth "Yup.. that's what I do."

I hug him as he gets to his feet. "You know.. I like you, you are so kind!" Then I land him a long wet kiss. He sighs and nuzzles into my neck, on tip toe of course.

" Pink?" "Pink." He says "The car, I mean.." I remind him. "Oh.. right!" He had just followed me up the ladder again. Naughty man.

We walk back to the Auction arm in arm. "We must have another lunch like that very soon." I say as I kiss Joe, biting his lip. Then I jump on my bike. I see Joe grinning, wiggling his fingers after me as I ride away.

So Joe went back to work, grinning like a cat..

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