Consequences (Epilogue)
Consequences (Epilogue) the fall stories
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hyle Dahhling.... I am soo, soo soo... ermm?
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Pride? ..... huyy.

Consequences (Epilogue)

Frau Wittman took her place at the dinner table later that evening. The room was bathed in screaming silence bar the sound of cutlery on china. She looked at her two men.

On one side of her sat Pride. Teutonically bolt upright and concentrating on nothing but his food but having a difficult time forcing each morsel past the lump of stubbornness in his throat.

On the other side, sat Misery, facing Pride but avoiding eye contact, displaying a marked lack of appetite. And the silence was deafening.

Edeltraut pointedly put her knife and fork down together on the side of her plate and coughed abruptly, enough to attract the attention of her husband, upon which she made direct eye contact and nodded, "Well?" It was more a prompt than a nod.

After twenty-one years of marriage she was intimately familiar with Franz' inertia and knew when things needed a shove. Franz responded, placing his own cutlery to one side before sitting even more bolt upright, if that was at all possible.

Uwe, recognising the signs, looked up and glanced at his parents each in turn An announcement was coming, that was obvious He inwardly steeled himself.

"Uwe." Uwe swallowed and slowly put his fork to one side and looked at his father, who was clearly looking uncomfortable.

"Your mother...." Franz paused. " ... And I ..." Uwe waited for the hammer to fall. "We... would like.. You to bring Silja to tea on Sunday.

We..." Franz paused again, clearly the 'we' in this case meant his wife. "...would like to meet her, properly, if she clearly means so much to you. We..." Franz paused again, but the prerogative had shifted.

This time the 'we' referred to himself, but the proto-apology took some delivering "...We...accept that... perhaps ...We... I.. may have made an incorrect assumption about Fraulein Henningsdottir."

Franz Wittmann stopped short of an absolute apology. That would have been too much. But it was enough for Uwe. "Entschuldigen Sie mich!"

As the dining room door swung shut in Uwe's slipstream. Frau Wittman took her husband's hand gently and squeezed it. "So, war das so schwer?"

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