Ow it hurts.
Ow it hurts.  stories

hurtingI try to inspire before I expire
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I try, I really do .

Ow it hurts.

by hurting

Sometimes I like to think I'm special .

I'd like to think that my words can inspire,

And my thoughts are relatable .

that I wish that my smile and my laugh can brighten someone's day .

Maybe , just m a y b e I've helped someone , by being myself.

That something I did could have been effortless to others .

but secretly I've been practicing my whole life..

I'd like to think that I can do something for this world .

That someone will remember me, even after I die...,

...that I left a mark.

Something rather than using oxygen ,

i use words . but sometimes that doesn't always go as planed .

I'm left my dream..

That I realized that I'm still me.

With 0 things but a brain with painful memories.

A big bag full of my salty tears .

And a thoat that has trouble breathing.

I'm just a little bug ..

In a world full of small, large , beautiful, butterflies.

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