10 lies we tell each other.
10 lies we tell each other.  stories

hurtingI try to inspire before I expire
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10 lies we tell each other.

by hurting

1. "I'm doing nothing"

yea sure. Your doing nothing . I asked your "friend", she said "your at a party , drunk."

2. I love you

You told me that 5 times . But that wasn't ment for me . Right ?

3. I'll stay with you for ever

I knew it was another lie but my dumbasś decided to believe it .

4. Your ment to be ..

Ment to be what? Ment to be far from you ? Ment to be away from you ?

5. Your my everything

Yea I was . Until I realized that you tell that to everyone . I felt special for once but u wouldn't understand

6. I'm ok.

Your still clueless , aren't you? .

7. I'm F I N E !

This is the part when i break apart . This is when your supposed to be here with me.

8. Go away .

No, please stay . If you know me and actually loved me you would have had stayed .

9. I'm just tired .

Yea I'm tired . But u never bothered to ask why.

10. I loved her|him

Oh wait . Did I say that all already? Oops , is just that you still don't understand my hurtful feelings .

- I L o v e d you but you made me look like a f o o l !

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