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by JoJo

Have you ever heard of a flower losing its petals before summer?

It's wonderful to watch, seeing how rightfully they fall off, when the time comes.

Have you ever peeled off the flowers' petals ever so carefully, to reveal the magic of it?

Once, I'll admit.

She moans my name in her wakeful slumber, a hasty breath drawn through her dreams.

Her hair sprawled in a circle, resembling an angel's halo.

My angel, to be exact.

I'll be her devil, the one whose soul has been marred with scars.

The door creaks as I slowly open it.

I remember our bodies entwining, the warmth of her body tickling my chilling heart.

Our small kisses, my lips caressing her body like she was a goddess.

And how our fingers played a melody so strong on each other's piano keys.

But I waste no time, just to spare her a fleeting glance.

The last thing I catch is the look of betrayal that she has as she restlessly sleeps.

Her tiny body wrapped under those vanilla sheets.

I've never broke a heart before, but I think I'll just do it

just to save her from me.

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