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Dear Stranger

by Jo Jo

Dear stranger,

I like your hair.

It falls in wondrous waves that I admire.

How can it be so perfect?

We're stuck in a prison, me and you.

I think you have it worse than me, though.


the security guard outside your cell

Dear stranger,

You refuse to eat anything they hand you.

I can tell you're fatigued, the way your eyes wander lustfully to the crappy dish of food.

I'm not exactly sure why you wouldn't want to eat.

But again, this is a prison of your mind, configuring it to be molded into another cookie in the factory.


the guy who truly wants you to start eating food

Dear stranger,

You spoke to me today.

Small words.

Big eyes.

"Can I have some food?"

"Yes, of course."

I think that's the best conversation I have ever had in a while.


the person who just had a conversation with you

Dear stranger,

I don't know your name.


the person who wants to know your name

Dear stranger,

You're confined.

What would you think of letting me set you free?


a person who wants to help you

Dear stranger,

You gave me a strange look

and spoke my name.

How are you only outside of my cell?


the person who thinks that your voice is beautiful

Dear stranger,

You took away my breath.

Your smile is so heartbreakingly beautiful.

But it was because of the guard next to me.


the person who wants you to notice him

Dear stranger,

It just occurred to me that the walls are caving in on me.


the person who has no clue what's happening

Dear stranger,

You sent a smile towards me.


the person who feels like they're on cloud nine

Dear stranger,

I helped you get out.

The only thing I'm questioning is why am I still inside this cell, not outside.


the person who loves you from the bottom of his heart

Dear Amora,

I know your name now.

But they think I murdered you in cold blood.

When I did for our love

They destroyed our love.


the person who simmers in hate as he still sits in the psych ward

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