killing me tonight
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hugojepsen My name is Hugo Jepsen and I'm a poet.
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This poem is all about wanting to feel all kinds of love in a raw motion.

It's part of my book "I Prefer Lovers: A Romantic Poetry Book".

My Instagram: hugo.jepsen & ipreferlovers

It's protected by copyright laws.

Source: Hugo Jepsen

killing me tonight

by Hugo Jepsen

It hurts me so much within,

I just feel my heart getting thin,

and I feel a stroke inside of me,

I want to get out of me, away with it.

I feel some rainbows for real,

but I never accepted such a deal,

I feel some gold in your touch

but it was never, ever enough.

I feel some passion inside my bones,

but it was never really shown,

and I feel your warmth at night

even if you're sleeping outside.

And all the memories kept above

are coming back so strong this time

that all I feel now is just love

and that love is killing me tonight.

- I PREFER LOVERS by Hugo Jepsen

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