His Sweet Addiction { Part Two}

His Sweet Addiction { Part Two} minyoongifanfiction stories

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His Sweet Addiction { Part Two}

Mia was walking even deeper into the woods not looking back. It was like she was in her own world, not thinking about reality. She heard the sound of wolves howling in the night and she stopped at her tracks. Mia then heard a lot of rustling coming from behind the trees.

A pack of wolves then came out from their hiding, not taking their eyes off her. They opened their mouths, showing their sharp teeth... enough to break through flesh and bones. The pack then started walking towards her and she froze in place, not moving a muscle.

From a far away distance, Yoongi could hear the growling from the hungry wolves. " Lets split up and hunt on our own, I'm going to check something." Yoongi said to his friends. " Fine... We'll all meet up later." Jimin said, his eyes glowing. They all went their way in less than a second.

Yoongi was on top of a cliff concentrating. He looked below trying to figure out where the wolves were. With his brilliant eyesight, he caught sight of the pack of hungry wolves that were on the other side of the woods. He then jumped off the steep cliff and sped off, faster then any human alive.

Mia then crossed her arms. her fear of the wolves rapidly fading away. " C'MON !! COME AND TRY TO EAT ME!! YOU AND YOUR OTHER FURRY FRIENDS DON'T SCARE ME!!! She yelled, walking right in front of them with no fear whatsoever.

Yoongi's POV I immediately stopped in my tracks as I saw a girl, who appeared to be human, standing right in front of them, like they were nothing. The wolves looked very intimidating, but yet she wasn't frightened at all.

I've never seen a human with so much grit before... it was really surprising to me. Even though she seemed to have the courage to fight the wolves, something inside of me said that I couldn't let this happen. So before one of the wolves could pounce at her, I jumped right in front of her, and ripped the wolves in half. My eyes then landed on the human girl.

She looked at me with so much fascination, like isn't a human like her supposed to be afraid of me?? Why isn't she doing anything??

Author's POV Mia just stared at the majestic being that was in front of her. To her, he was just too fascinating to not look at. She had never imagined that she would have a close encounter with a vampire. Even though he looked pretty intimidating, in her eyes he was not frightening at all.

Mia and Yoongi continued to stare into each other's eyes, a few inches away from each other. As he stared at her, her violet eyes radiated more than ever. Yoongi could feel his heart pound abnormally and his mind went totally blank. It was like his whole world stopped.

How can someone be so unexplainably beautiful??" He thought.

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