His Sweet Addiction { Part 7}

 His Sweet Addiction { Part 7} minyoongi stories

hubbyisjungkook In the midst of darkness, light shines
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His Sweet Addiction { Part 7}

'' Fine...'' Mia said and hid herself in the closet. Yoongi then went out of the room and opened the front door of the house. '' Yah Yoongi hyung!! What took you so long??!!'' Jungkook shouted. '' And what happened?? Where were you?? '' Jin asked.

" W-what do you mean??" Yoongi asked, acting like he didn't know what they are talking about. " Yah! We were supposed to all meet together after our hunting remember??!!" Hoseok shouted. " Oh right... I forgot." Yoongi lied.

" What do you mean you forgot?? You never forget anything!!" Taehyung shouted. " Aish!! It's that big of a deal anyway!! " Yoongi yelled. " Oooooh someone's mad!!" Jimin teased. " Shut y-" Yoongi started to say until he heard a loud sneeze coming from his room.

" What was that??" Jungkook asked, getting a little suspicious. " Nothing... you're hearing things." Yoongi responded, trying to remain calm. " I sense a human is in this house." Jimin said. " Guys it's nobody just go please I'll talk to you guys later." Yoongi said.

" Fine... " Namjoon said and they all went out of the house. " Yoongi's hiding from us and we going to find out." Namjoon said to the others and they all agreed. Yoongi took a deep breath and rushed back to his room. He closed the door and noticed his window was open.

" Did she just seriously escape??" He thought , rolling his eyes. " I will come after you Mia. " Yoongi said to himself. Mia ran through the forest not looking back. She wasn't even watching where she was going, she just kept on running.

But after a while, she realized she was lost. Mia didn't know where she was. Her legs were exhausted from running so much and as she was about to fall to the ground, she felt two cold strong arms lift her light body up gently with care.

And in the blink of an eye, with his super speed, he had taken you to your cabin. You were placed onto the couch and Yoongi sat right beside you. He noticed Mia staring at the ceiling, not daring to look at him. And all he could do was just stare at her, Mia was just too beautiful in his eyes.

" Thanks for bringing me but you can leave now. " Mia said, still looking up at the ceiling. " Mia..." Yoongi said. " Just leave!!" She yelled. making Yoongi clench his fists. " Don't you dare raise your voice at me human!!!" He yelled, making her scoff.

" Does it look like I care??!!" Mia shouted glaring right into his piercing eyes.

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