His Sweet Addiction { Part 5 }

 His Sweet Addiction { Part 5 } minyoongiff stories

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His Sweet Addiction { Part 5 }

Mia's POV I woke up completely startled and realized I was on a bed. Wait a minute.... what I just experienced was all just a dream?? Yeah it's just a dream... I've been imagining things.

" It wasn't a dream. " A deep husky voice said, making me flinch. " W-WHO SAID THAT?? C-COME OUT WHERE ARE!! I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE!! I shouted, trying to act strong, but deep inside, I was a nervous wreck.

The guy slowly came out of his hiding and my breath hitched. " I-I-It's y-you!!" I shouted, getting even more nervous. My legs were shaking and I just couldn't look at him in the eyes. " Well well well... what happened to the fearless girl I met not long ago??" The Vampire said with a smirk.

" Why am I so nervous?? Is it because he confessed to me?? Or is it just because he's a vampire??" I thought, not knowing how to react at this moment. " You know I can read your thoughts right?" He abruptly said, and your eyes widened. " You know what I was thinking?" I asked.

Well duh!! Why wouldn't I?" He said, and when I looked at him. I noticed that his eyes weren't red anymore... they were a dark brown color that could be able to pierce through my soul. " W-why did your eye color change??" I asked.

" I drank enough blood... so I'm not thirsty right now. " The Vampire said. " What??" I shouted, and started touching my neck and looking at myself. " Aish!! Not from you stupid girl!! Do you even see any bite marks on you??!! He shouted.

" No." I said. " Ok then... and in case you're wondering, I sucked deer from a deer I hunted. Because of course, I decided for the 1st time, not to kill a human. But personally, in my opinion, human blood tastes can whole lot better." He said with a big smirk, looking straight at me. I gulped.

" What's your name?" The vampire asked. " M- Mia." I stuttered. "I'm Yoongi by the way. You are very lucky Mia... I could've drank every drop of blood that's inside of you until you were completely lifeless, but I didn't because like I said before.. I- nevermind... I'm going nuts, this is not me." Yoongi said.

And once I smiled at him, he started coming closer to me. My heart is beating insanely fast and I could hear his too. But then he stopped midway and turned around, making me a bit dumbfounded. " I-I should let you rest." Yoongi said flustered, and walked quickly out of the room.

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