His Sweet Addiction { Part 4}

His Sweet Addiction { Part 4} minyoongiff stories

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His Sweet Addiction { Part 4}

Yoongi's POV But before I could sink my fangs onto the crook of her neck, she said something that caught me off guard. " Why is your heart beating so rapidly??" She asked, as she gazed into my eyes. And that's when I could hear her heartbeat too.

" I- I can hear yours too." I said getting lost into her eyes again. " Well I think-" The girl started to say but I shushed her by placing my finger onto her lips. " What-" I shushed her again and moved even closer to her, not leaving any space between us.

I then placed my hand onto her cheek and softly caressed her face. She shivered a little, making me stop. " Did I make you feel cold??" I asked. She nodded. " But I don't mind, you- uh, nevermind." She said, her cheeks turning rosy red.

" No tell me." I said. " You haven't fallen in love before right??" I then deeply stared into her eyes and licked my lips with the tip of my tongue. I smirked at the girl and I could clearly hear her beat like crazy. I leaned my face closer to her, our lips almost touching.

" Why do you ask? Have you?? " I asked teasingly. I could clearly see her getting uncomfortable, and this only made feel tempted to kiss her. " I- uh... can y-you back up please?? Y- you're t-too close." She stuttered, her face turning rosy red.

" Gosh.. why I'm like this all of the sudden?? Is this how your heart feels when you fall in love??" I thought, my heart feeling like it was about to pop out of my chest.

" But what if I don't want to?? What if I have finally fell in love??" I asked the girl, gazing at her soft pinkish lips. " W-what??" The girl stuttered. " Do you feel what I feel??" I asked placing her hand over my fast beating heart.

" Because what I feel is all because of you, and I don't know why but I want you and only you... I'm in love with you." I said to her, my gaze still on her lips.

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