His Sweet Addiction { Part 10}

His Sweet Addiction { Part 10} minyoongi stories

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His Sweet Addiction { Part 10}

In less than a second, Mia felt what she never experienced before. She felt an enormous amount of power inside her. It felt like electricity running through her veins. Her heart raced like never before and her skin started to glow majestically. Her eyes were radiant and her eyesight was beyond 20/20 vision.

He then pinned her hands against the bed sheets with so much force that she let out a scream. Yoongi started giving kisses from her neck, down to her collarbone. Mia let out a small gasp as he smashed his lips onto hers and started kissing her hungrily.

Min Yoongi stared at her in awe as he licked his lips flirtatiously, making her blush. Without Yoongi being able to react, Mia flipped Yoongi over and hovered above him, their eyes locked into each other. '' Being feisty huh? I can do better...'' He said smirking, his eyes full of lust.

His hands trailed down her back, making her bite her bottom lip... as she felt a tickling sensation inside her. She clutched onto Yoongi's shirt and took it off as he started pulling down her dress. Their sweet kisses became even more passionate, as the night got even intense.

The next morning.... Mia opened her eyes finding herself in Yoongi's embrace. His eyes were closed so she thought he was still sleeping. She gave him a quick peck on the nose and was about to get off the bed but Yoongi didn't let her. " Where do you think you're going babe??" He asked opening his eyes with a smirk, making her blush.

" Oh you're awake! I thought you were still sleeping!" She said. " Good morning Mia." Yoongi said, planting a kiss on her lips. " Good morning." She said with a shy smile. " So now that you're finally a vampire, it's time for you today to meet the rest of us." He said

" The rest of who?" She asked. " The rest of BTS. And you need to learn how to use your powers wisely and how to hunt." He said.

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