Golden Boy
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hsavageBeati Bellicosi
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Not my best, but certainly one of my favourites. To my beloved friend, whom inspired all my sweetest poems.

Golden Boy

by hsavage

When you die,

Heaven 's gonna be thanking you for gracing it with your presence.

Whoever's up there

Is going to see that dimpled smile of yours, sweet as frosting, and wish they had met you sooner.

When you look at the stars,

I bet they're thanking you for thinking of them.

One day the moon is gonna tell you

How bright your eyes are, and the clouds will make sure to never rain on you without permission.

You will be the universe's golden boy,

And I won't be surprised if years down the road I see people run outside at night to witness a constellation in your name.

Not yet of course,

We still need you here to light up this treacherous world.

I think every piece of this galaxy

And the next has become twice as beautiful since you stepped into it.

Though I know in my heart

That you will take that extra beauty with you when you leave, for that beauty is a dream that cannot survive without its creator.

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