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Feedback please. Constructive criticism please.

I who was

I was a human broken into millions of pieces

Glued together by hate and desperation

Anger and revenge flowed through my veins

My muscles were formed with hypocrisy

And bones made with scheming and manipulation

My heart was hollow as that pumpkin you carve for holloween

Beautifully decorated outside but an empty void inside

I tried to fill it up with things that made me feel alive.

Every positive feeling were as temporary as those fake tattoos

That I get from the bubble gum that I ate as a child.

The number of times that I contemplated death

like it was a marshmallow laid before me

and I had to either wait till I am allowed to consume it

or just eat it and enjoy the moment.

Everything was fleeting and life seemed better 6 feet under.

Misery kept me company during my birthdays

while I was high and alone in an empty couch reflecting my existence

Every puff I took was as like a candle blown to make a wish in a 4 tier cake I used to have as a child when life was simpler.

I wished for happiness. I wished for hope. I wished for relief.

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