Home: A Short Story

Home: A Short Story
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howlatthemoon just a girl, standing before the world
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A quick short story about a woman that didn’t belong.

Home: A Short Story

Have you ever felt so out of place? Here I am, sitting, alone at the local bookstore/coffee house/essential oil concoction bazaar. However, I am not local. At least, not anymore. It’s been 15 years, since I left this place. 15 long years.

In the background, Al Green sings about how “love can make you do wrong, make you do right.” I have always done wrong. One after the other, I had fallen for the wrong. And, here I am. Back here. Drinking stale coffee and wishing away my mistakes.

Honestly, I never felt at home in my hometown. Or, even in my home. I bounced around from relative to relative, after my mother died. My dad? Well, let’s just say he wanted that father-son bond more. So, the first chance I got, I left.

That first chance? Well, that’s a different story. I took a lot of chances to make sure I wouldn’t end up back here. But, my luck never kicked in. I have never felt at home anywhere. But, maybe, it’s time I make one of my own.

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