A Girl of Reality

HousecatA small kitten in a big world
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A Girl of Reality

by Housecat

I sang 87 melodies,

for a girl who didn’t have time for my soliloquies

She looked like art, and her lips were quite tart

She was warm as an icicle, and as pure as a new day’s snow

I wrote 23 sonnets, for a girl who would chuckle and say

‘you’ve got it.’

One day she took fall, to the cold concrete

Her crown cracked, and I knew it was abstract She skinned her knees, her palms bled, and I knew she would never say ‘we have it all’ again

I fell in love with a girl, who had broken memories

Who had a love, for purple lilies

He hair was like the Autumn’s leaves,

and her tears were bittersweet

She was gold, she was bold, she was my own to hold

She was electrifying, and I knew there was no denying I was sold

She had this terrifying power, to lift me in my darkest hour

So I sat by her bedside, and was satisfied, to see her brown eyes, her locks of brimstone, her thoughts untold

I sat through her sour moods, and her days full of gray,

to keep my dread at bay Fate was clear of our love’s mistake I sat with her, in her last happy afternoons, to see her shining smiles and cheeks of maroon

One day she croaked from the hospital bed, and she said,

‘you’ll find love once again’

And I frowned, and I threw my pencils down,

My ears were oak, and my heart still refused

In a morning cloaked by the smoke,

she felt the kiss of death, and gave her last breath And I remembered the the concrete, streaked with my disbelief,

There was nothing left but, an antique daydream

I swore up and down, I screamed at the clouds,

I looked for who to blame

So I sit here now writing 23 sonnets, my name in fame,

For a proud girl, and quite a handsome profit

As the pages fall away, like many summer days

I know I’d do it all the same

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