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A horror based story based somewhat around addiction in a cause and effect way.

(PS. Never posted a story here before and never actually wrote something horror sooo)

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The night was dark and stormy, the road flooded with water. I was on my way home but my car had broken down. I was not far from where I lived so I decided to walk the remaining way home.

The rain was getting stronger. I could barely see anything.

The street that leads to my home was right in front of me. Just one straight walk. There was not much light. Only a few of the lamp posts were lit couldn't even see the other end of the street and the water had risen to my knees. I took a sheet from my car's trunk and rolled it around me.

I began walking through the flooded street when I heard a screeching voice "STOP!" It wasn't loud but almost felt as if it came from right behind me. I turned around but there was no one there. Just an empty road. I took it as if the wind was playing tricks on my mind.

Few more dragging steps through the water and I hear it again "STOP!" This time it felt closer but quieter. I quickly turned around; no one was there.

I felt the touch of fear but it faded when the wind suddenly became stronger. I turned back to my track and started walking.

The screeching sound came again "STOP!" I did not turn and started dragging my feet faster through the water. "STOP!" it came again sounding closer than before. Finally, it had come too close. "STOP!"

So close that I felt the heat of breath on the back of my ear. I swung my fist around but still, there was no one there.

My heart began pumping hard in fear. I turned once again towards my destination but it turned pitch black! All the street lights had turned off.

I looked around to see if there was any source of light still working and I saw behind me; A light flickering and underneath it, standing a man with a dead stare towards me like a sharpshooter towards his target. The man did not say a word nor did he blink once.

His face was covered in a thick dark cloth and only his deathly locked eyes were visible. Just looking at him struck fear through my soul.

I turned and ran into the dark but as I ran, I could hear the sound of someone else's feet splashing the water behind me. He was chasing me. I did not stop a second, just kept running and even started screaming for help.

After a while of running and losing all my breath, the chasing sound had stopped but I still had not reached my home. I had run for a long time. How could this be? The street was not supposed to be that long. I turned around to see if I had somehow missed my destination.

There he was; a flickering light and a man with a dead stare underneath. My breath got faster as fear once again took over my body. I turned and ran.

I ran for about a full hour until my legs finally gave out. I fell to the floor into the flooded ground, when my eyes rolled back, there he was; flickering light and a man with a dead stare underneath.

I started crawling, dragging myself ahead. I kept ongoing. My feet and my knees started to bleed because of the road and the cold had started to burn through my skin. This pain was unending.

When I had come to a state in which I could not go any further, I turned around; the flickering light, the man and the dead stare. he was there, watching me

This time I walked towards the man. He still did not move a muscle nor did he blink. I came close to him and screamed right in his face "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" he did not say anything.

I grabbed him by his neck and got closer to his ear, and screamed at a level that could shatter a normal man's ear "LEAVE ME ALONE!" He didn't even flinch. I let him go as the cold began draining the last ounce of strength from my body.

When I fell to my knees and started crying, He finally moved. He bent his head towards me and said in an almost whisper, "STOP!" I got angry and with the last burst of energy that I could muster up, I charged my fist towards his head.

The light went out as I swung and I heard my hand hit the metal of the post. I fell to the floor screaming in pain, as I started losing consciousness.

When my eyes opened which felt almost like it happened the next second, I was inside a small room that looked as it were some torture chamber. I felt immense pain in my right hand; it was covered in blood and large shards of glass were pointing out of it. My fingers had lost all feeling in them.

The voice started talking this time louder, "YOUR WORTHLESS!" "PATHETIC!" "USELESS" I could not take it. It kept getting louder and louder and my head kept spinning in pain "FUTILE!" "RETARDED!" "EMBARRASSMENT!" Then I saw him. He was standing in the corner of the room; The man with the dead stare.

I started screaming back at him "shut up!" I kept repeating but he would not stop. "STUPID!" "shut up!" "SELF CENTERED!" "stop it!" "IGNORANT" "I'm not!" "WASTEFUL" "nooo!" "FAILURE" "shut up!" "DISAPPOINTMENT!"

I swung my glass filled hand towards him, I struck him right in his dead staring eyes. Blood splashed everywhere but still, he kept on talking "WEAK!" "DUMB". I tackled him down and started pounding him with the glass in my hand. I kept swinging and swinging until he finally stopped talking.

It was then I started hearing laughter, I looked up towards the direction of the sound and the man with a dead stare was standing right there in front of me laughing, he was laughing at me!

If it was he who was in front of me then who was the one underneath me? I quickly looked down to see who it was. It was a woman! I had just impaled the face of an innocent woman. He made me hurt someone.

I got up unto my feet and started charging towards him in anger. As I was running, I heard a soft and innocent voice of a child "Daddy! What did you do?

"I turned my head to see where the sound had come from but as I looked back towards the man; he was not there but a helpless and frightened child stood in his place.

The child stared at the dead woman on the floor and looked traumatized. I felt bad so I started walking towards the child to console him but then the man with a dead stare suddenly reappeared behind the child. The man pulled the child back towards him.

I charged to save him when the man pointed one of his fingers towards me and after that; my vision went blank. I still managed to attack the Man before completely passing out.

And that's all I remember.

LAWYER; "You wile human being! You expect us to believe this! Your horrendous!"

He continues, "Your honour let me tell what actually happened; Mr.Brown was late out with his 'buddies' gambling where he had gone drunk. Mr.Brown sat and drove off in his '2006Lexus' while he was under the influence. On his way back home, he was stopped by Traffic officer Michael Harrison.

According to our previous reports on Mr.Brown, he had been arrested multiple time for driving under the influence. So much so, that his wife Mrs.Brown, had threatened to divorce him if he were caught again. With that fear in mind, Mr.Brown gunned his car to try and lose officer Harrison.

Being that he was drunk, he crashed the car on baker's street. The street near his home. Mr.Brown then exited his car and ran as the officer gave him chase now on foot. Despite his attempts to escape, the officer caught up to him.,

When the officer forcefully stopped him, Mr.Brown started swinging his fists back towards the officer. The officer was left with no choice but to pull out his gun but Mr.Brown managed to disarm and steal the gun away from the officer. He then continued to shoot and murder Harrison officer in cold blood.

Mr.Brown then walked towards his house. when he entered, his wife met him and started scolding him for coming home late and for coming home drunk. I believe then, Mrs.Brown must have seen the blood on Mr.Brown's shirt and she called the police.

We have phone records to prove that a call was made from the residence at the time but no one talked on the other side. which could mean, Mr.Brown got scared and started attacking Mrs.Brown with broken glass shards which we came to know, were from the windshield of the car that he had crashed earlier.

They must have lodged their way into Mr.Brown's hand in the impact of the crash. He continued to beat her with the glass till she stopped screaming or as is obvious to us, when she died.

The noise had gotten the attention of their 6-year-old daughter Alisha, who came downstairs to see what had happened. Alisha saw the scene and started crying. Mr.Brown saw the girl and started charging at her. It was then officer Lesley Raiser who was responding to a public disturbance call, ran in to save Alisha and shot Mr.Brown.

Yet still; Mr.Brown somehow managed to stab Officer Lesley dead and badly injure his own daughter Alisha, as well Your honour! This man is guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt. no further statements"

JUDGE "Mr.Brown, You are a danger to society and having you roam free is unimaginable. You committed the murder of multiple individuals, all after you were stopped for driving under the influence. You made up a completely ridiculous story just to avoid a sentence.

Above all, you look completely unruffled by your heinous actions. You killed innocents Mr.Brown, Innocents! Not to mention you badly injured your own daughter.

Mr.Brown, you are a menace. I'm left with no choice; for the heartless murder of officer Michael Harrison, officer Lesley Raiser and your wife Martha Brown, and attempted murder of your own daughter 'Alisha Brown' and possibly paralyzing her permanently;

I and the jury, hear by sentence you Mr.Arthur Brown, to death by lethal injection.

Take him away! THE END

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