Oh look, it's raining...
Oh look, it's raining... feelings stories

hopelesswriter just a girl with feelings who writes
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have you ever had something as common as a rainstorm remind you of someone who loved and left?

Oh look, it's raining...


Everything about the rain reminds me of you.

In the water droplets falling fast, as I did for you,

I can see the reflection of your smile.

In the pounding of water on the rooftop,

I can hear the echo of your laugh.

In the fresh after rain smell,

I can still detect traces of your shampoo.

In the feel of water sliding on my skin as I stand outside in yet another storm,

I can feel the ghosts of your hands.

When I let out my tongue to taste the water,

to let it fill up my being and maybe just drown me,

I can remember what it felt like to say your name.

When the rain is done I can feel you like a phantom limb,

gone but oh so there.

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