In Five Years I will be different
In Five Years I will be different stories

hopehillPoet and Novelist
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How much will have changed in the next five years

In Five Years I will be different

by hopehill

I may have traveled to new places Seen things I'd never seen before

Put myself through the paces Of a writing career

I will have witnessed beauty Like I have never known

Written of the future I once thought I'd never know

I will have ventured out of my own comfort zone Forced myself to realize There's more to life than what was shown

I will have learned that I don't have to do it on my own I can ask for help No longer will I be alone

It's not like it used to be I'm not a child frightened of my shadow

Now I know that in life Sometimes the real monsters exist in daylight

Those are the ones that keep me up at night. Afraid to close my eyes

I will be happy and sad And sometimes even mad

I will have ventured forth into the wild yonder And written things that make others ponder

I will be stronger than I was five years ago Because only I can limit how far I'll go

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