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Stop pretending and start living. You are allowed to be yourself.


by hopefulhorizon

Getting ready for the masquerade.

Deciding which mask to chose for this occasion.

Picking that one, with the faint smile,

With the soft pastel colors,

With an unconcerned, a blank, a modest expression.

My mask . . .

I'll be a shadow tonight.

The party has come to an end.

The sounds fade away.

Follow me tonight.

Find a way to get off this mask,

This lie, this safety, this pretend

I have had it on for way too long.

It hurts, stuck too tight on my cheekbones and lower jaws.

I'll reveal myself.

My deepest feelings, my highest hopes,

My silent desires, the truest of me.

All hidden parts.

My face . . .

I'll be a light tonight.

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