Two Kisses
Two Kisses elizabeth barrett browning stories
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honeythighs i believe.
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a sonnet for the beloved.

Two Kisses

Time is viscid, rushing by my eyes’ light

My breath awfully still, a blank slate in

Which I rewrite what is to be. Within

Circles knew not I of this kiss, my sight

Alight with the stroke of a fiery might,

Of the angel that first kissed me, for in

An instant, I feel a spark, true yet thin.

It grows, thickens, clearer than water white,

As bright and coy as a searing jewel.

There are sounds of glee—laughter—suns rising

In your irides. This starting mirth is fuel

For our second kiss, blessings reviving

That same contentedness in a whirlpool

Between us; our love is unsurprising.

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