The Devil in Me
The Devil in Me angel stories

honeythighsi believe.
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The Devil in Me

by honeythighs

the essence of light

encased in a being;

how did that work?

sunshine woven between

strands of fine hair—

eyes wide and colourless,

like the vastest of skies—

skin stark and smooth,

velvet of the earth—

mouth blushed and

brimming with the sweetest


this is what it means

to be an angel.

the essence of darkness

encased in a being;

how did that come to be?

a mind deftly interlaced

with obscurity—

eyes wicked and cruel,

bright, intelligent, unforgiving—

skin earthy yet parched,

a desert screaming to be fulfilled—

lips parted, spitting obscenity

and filled with soft sin.

this is what it means

to be the devil.

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